Friday, August 10, 2007

13 Activities I Did With Elliot and Anaïs

Click here for the pictures of our day together...

1. Act crazy with the finger puppets (try making the noise of a giraffe or a panda!!!)
2. Do arts 'n crafts
3. Learn to make bubble with chewing gum (in process...)
4. Use the hot glue gun A-L-O-N-E!
5. Send a postcard to a someone you don't know (postcard swap is for youngsters too!)
6. Watch fish in their tank
7. Eat at the Golden Arches (a Godmother's classic...)
8. Sip slushies
9. Paint
10. Introduce "ze" monster (982 years old, partly mechanic)
11. Draw the ocean (probably inspired by the fish tank we saw earlier...) using chalk, in the driveway
12. Swim (and drop the chewing gum in the water)
13. Play the piano

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