Friday, May 28, 2010

13 Things to Bring to New Hampshire

Leaving soon for New Hampshire to take part in Squam Art Workshops... In my blackmobile I'll have:

1. Art materials (I've got quite a list!)
2. Comfy clothes and shoes
3. Insect repellant (by the lakeshore, mosquitoes rule)
4. Great music for the long road
5. A warm blanket for the cooler nights and the evenings by the campfire
6. My camera
7. A road map (in case my iPhone's network isn't available in the mountains)
8. Personal toiletries (yes,yes, I'll wash myself, brush my teeths, etc ;-)
9. American money
10. Business cards (for contacts)
11. Fun notebooks and pens
12. Food (for the road, to share with my future friends)
13. The bags, sock monkeys, make-up pouches I want to sell at the Art Fair on Saturday!

1 comment:

Ian said...

I come from Old Hampshire, where we don't need insect repellant or American money, but I guess everything else would be the same