Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Corner View: Collections

Back with Corner View, a photo a week according to a theme (visit Jane's blog for the details). This week, collections. Hum. Hesitations. I am a girl who collects. Lots. Of stuff. Knick knacks. And so on.

Here is my collection of weeds (instead of the beautiful lawn my neighbours have).
There is also my collection of doors' pictures.

Or my numerous notebooks.
Well the photo above is a bit outdated, my notebooks look more like this now. (Yes, there are mooooore!)And right behing my notebooks, is a section of my deco books. I look at them often, it makes me feel good to see inspired, inspiring rooms.


Theresa said...

I love books and pretty notebooks too...

Ian said...

I'd like to see your deco books. Perhaps another post?

Dominique said...

@Theresa: so you understand me ;-)

@Ian: See this new post: