Friday, January 8, 2010

13 Blogs to Visit (Part 2)

1. A Collection a Day (It's collection extravaganza by Lisa Congdon)
2. A Creative Mint (Colorful. Adorable pictures.)
3. Anahata Katkin (A friend of Sabrina Ward Harrison. Another lovely artist.)
4. Artsyville (I love her illustrations; fresh, fun!)
5. Christine Clemmensen (Lots of stuff...)
6. Desire to Inspire (Home decor that ARE inspiring)
7. Dress, Design & Decor (Vavoom! Femmes fatales with girly, girly clothes, jewels and decor)
8. Happy Together (A lovely family, a sewing and crafting mama)
9. Huffmania (Pictures of remarkable quality. Very touching.)
10. In Over Your Head (Interesting reflections)
11. Krisatomic (Great pictures & illustrations)
12. Mademoiselle Sarah (A friend I met at Creacamp who has a wonderful life)
13. Pam Garrison (She sews images instead of glueing them I LOVE it!)
Okay, a bonus: Souvenirs (SO girly. Irresistible. )


Cathy said...

Thanks, I'm always looking for new things to explore.

Dominique said...

@Cathy: Enjoy!

Jodi said...

Totally inspired by the 13's you've been doing for over 2 years now!!!! Going to start.

Dominique said...

@Jodi: Sometimes it's tough to find "13" something, but I like the process, the creative exercise ;-)