Thursday, December 17, 2009

Corner View: Books

We read a lot around here. And we like it, a lot. And we like reading different kinds of books. And when we're done with a book, we hope for another one. We sometimes even read two in paralIel. We read in our bed. But we can read anywhere...
What I am reading at the moment (only a couple of pages left).

What I plan on reading next.

What Alizée -18 years old- is reading.

What Miranda -13 years old- is reading.

What Claude is reading.

What Justin will read soon (well he'll be read to, he's not even 2 years old ;-).

The notebook in which I list all the books I read. I've counted and I read approximately 22 books a year, 25 this year (maybe 26 if I have a reading day during the holidays).

Next theme for Corner View, for the week starting January 13th: Holidays.
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la ninja said...

ha, reading, reading and cataloguing! :)
I've got a reading list somewhere (with tips and "must reads") but I'm pretty erratic so haven't looked at it in ages. now I keep updating an online "draft" whenever I hear, read or remember s/thing so at least I know it's easily accessible. :)

jane said...

wow! you are so organized! love this idea- i have the worst memory- and it takes me a minute to remember if i´ve already read a book... hugs!

Dominique said...

Remembering is part of the fun, the notebook is my "external drive" because my brain gets a little overloaded!