Saturday, September 12, 2009

Julie & Julia

After seeing the movie Julie & Julia, big rush of ideas, lots of thoughts...

•I really have to cook more, I am missing somehting, I know. The sink and countertop are going to be installed September 22nd, it will help ;-)

•Great stories always start with a passion. Complications often follow, sometimes we feel a little discouraged to finally we achieve our goal. Must remember to be passionate, to feel the joy, throughout the journey. This way, whatever the result, at least we had fun!

•I too have a wonderful husband. Who thinks my ideas are great. Always remember that. (Easyyyyyy)

•I am a woman. My hormones sometimes drive me nuts. Typically feminine. Must learn to deal with that...

•Eating is pleasant. Sensual also. Cooking, eating are honourable actions.

•Working on perseverance is key.

•Never listen to your mother if she hinders you to become a better you. (I hope I'll never be Julie's mom with my daughters)

•Our daily dramas are tomorrow's funny moments.


jane said...

did you read the book? i haven´t seen the movie yet... so don´t want to see it in spanish... p.s. great list!

Dominique said...

@ Jane: No I haven't read the book. The movie is great. Meryl Streep is really something. Thanks!