Thursday, September 3, 2009


I found a very inspiring post on a blog: Mondo Beyondo. So inspiring in fact that the author has even developed an online class. But what is that, you're asking yourself, vaguely curious?

Well it stems from the principle that a dream, an aspiration, a wish, when voiced has more chances to become reality. And no, it's not that
simple. Of course we all have dreams, but we are so used to control ourselves that our dreams, the real ones are buried so deep within our soul, we forgot about them, or we rationalized them so much, that they are not our dreams anymore.

Naturally, I found the class a little too late, it was already sold out, but I really want to register to the winter session. I dream a lot, I've got millions of ideas, I wish for so many things, I aspire to do so much that I sometimes have the feeling I am losing myself. I am all over the place and I get bored. So for now, I"ll continue to explore, I'll take notes, until January...

I'll keep you posted... ;-)

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jane said...

you sound like me... :)