Saturday, September 26, 2009

13 Things I Like About My New Kitchen

1. I can finally display the dishes I like so much: bowls and miniatures. I'm using them all the time!2. Even if it's getting old, our stove doesn't look that odd in here.
3. Hurray for the stool we use to sit on and step on to reach the higher shelves.
4. Drawers, not only cupboards, great idea!
5. A little bubble gum curtain. Fun, colorful. With the turquoise on the walls, it's lively.
6. The open shelf over the wood countertop where I keep recipe books and my vintage cake stands.7. The metal border for the countertop. It gives the kitchen a little retro/dinner American look.
8. The countertop itself. Makes me think of my grand-mother's kitchen...9. Even with a very unconventional shape, the entrance of the kitchen is spacious, airy.
10. We managed to integrate the old wood countertop. It has scratches and all but I love it anyway. Hubby sanded it and put teak oil on it, very effective.11. My mother-in-law's glassware. Used only in special occasions by her, it is part of our daily dishes. I also like milkshake and sundae glasses a lot.
12. On top of the window where there is no curtain, we decided to add a decorative shelf. We use it to display blue glass bottles and vases.
13. The workspace. We used to have only the space on top of the dishwasher to cook. What a change!


Cathy said...

I am wowed! by your cute kitchen. It looks cheery and clean and fun and efficient. The blue was a excellent choice with the white cupboards. You must want to cook all day.


Dominique said...

@Cathy: I used to say I didn't like to cook. I guess I'll have to stop saying that. I baked last Friday for my best friend's 40th birthday and it was fantastic ;-)

Ani said...

Hotcha! It's dreamy. I love it.

Dominique said...

Thanks Ani! I still spend lots of time just standing there, not believing it...

jane said...

it looks great! i love the colors you chose. besos!

Kari said...

it looks wonderful and cozy. I do like that color.

Dominique said...

@Kari: The color is a hit, everyone around here agrees!