Friday, February 6, 2009


A little because of Alix, I discovered the beauty of vintage clothes and accessories: dresses that look nice when you twirl, hats that may protect you from the sun but that are a ton of fun when the wind comes out, purses that go click when you close them, ultra feminine aprons and pinky lingerie...

So here's my list of 13, well 15, I don't feel like choosing today:
(click on the picture to go back to the websites where I found them)


Ani said...

ooo! that tasty little red number might fit me, but i can't bear to spend so much money. sigh.

Dominique said...

It inspired me to maybe make a dress, one day. But I never sew clothes, need to add this to my to-do-if-I-ever-find-the-courage list:-)