Thursday, February 5, 2009

Twitter, My New "Thing"

After a few month using it, I can finally say that I really like Twitter, from the huge social media family. It's a quick way to learn interesting and sometimes pointless things (curiosity is everywhere, we want to know, period) but always succint (140 characters to express yourself, no more!).

I have read that the more followers you have the more impact you have. Not really what I am looking for :-) I have also learned from personal experience that it is not the number of people you follow that counts but the quality or rather the pertinence for you of those you decide to follow.

It takes a certain amount of time to find the "good" contacts and like on Facebook, you can flush the undesirables (you know, you can always change your mind!) without them knowing. Everytime someone starts following you, you can receive an email and there is the possibility to block access to your profile (like on Facebook), which I find contrary to the primary goal of social media: networking. Must tell you I am not the security-online-obsessed type of person. Will I regret it one day? I don't mind, I'm living dangerously at the moment (yeah, right...!).

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