Friday, September 26, 2008

13 Things I'd Like in a Future Home (That I don't Have Right Now)

1. No close neighbours (so, no dog barking at butterflies, no «Barry» who likes his music too loud, no lawnmower while eating supper)
2. Large rooms
3. Good size closet space
4. Close to the bus, the train...
5. ... but in the country!
6. A room that would suit better my working needs
7. An «up-to-date» kitchen
8. A quiet street (veeeeeeery quiet)
9. A porch with a swing
10. A mud room
11. A particular style, a particular charm (a house with a little something unusual...)
12. A nice place to walk/jog/run nearby
13. A long clothesline! (Some day I'll tell you about my passion for clotheslines...)


Ani said...

i think we are 'looking' for the same house!

hugs to you, have a lovely weekend!

Dominique said...

Maybe there are two and they're not too far apart ;-)