Friday, September 5, 2008

13 Little Pleasures...

1. Work flexible hours
2. Power-walking, with my iPod (I'm careful, don't worry...)
3. Eat fresh tomatoes and cucumbers (bought at the farmer's market)
4. Use the clothesline
5. Sun, sun, sun!
6. Cook (yes, yes, it's the truth, this week I did all the cooking and enjoyed it!)
7. Talk with Alizée when she comes back from cegep or work
8. Talk with Miranda when she comes back from school
9. Talk about our days with Claude when he comes back from work
10. Take public transit when I have to work in Montreal
11. Read... Even if I can't wait to finish this book I'm reading, it's a little «insipid»
12. Knowing there will be new episodes of my favorite TV shows soon
13. I'm almost done stripping my piano, a crazy job, but it's gonna be so nice!

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