Friday, January 11, 2008

13 Lists

This morning on the radio, there was a discussion about lists.
What, how, why? It was inspiring...
Here some of the lists I do, I like, I need.

1. creative projects I plan to do in my little black book. Once they're done I crossed them out with a marker and never tear a page to remember the creative things I do...
2. 5 things I’m grateful for, every day. Been doing it for a year and a half now.
3. groceries and errands to run
4. in an address book, I write down the movies I watch (cinema + DVD). I also write the main actors, the year and an appreciation.
5. in another address book, I also write down the books I read (I include the date this way I know how many I read every year)
6. when I travel, I write about things I see, places I went in a mini journal that I fill with mementos (leaves, business cards, pieces of shopping bags, museum tickets, etc.).
7. my daughters’ friends phone numbers (this list now includes cell phones!)
8. important numbers to remember (health, social, life insurance, etc.)
9. birthdays in a lovely book
10. cities I’ve been, visually organized in Facebook
11. things to do for work in a notebook. I draw a box in front of each item that I check when done. Gives me a feeling of accomplishment!
12. blogs I'm addicted to in Google reader
13. addresses of my postcard swaps friends

By the way, there’s a new swap organized by Chookooloonks. E-mail her before January 16th if you’re interested. The theme is «Love». Couldn’t resist to that!

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Mijk said...

Lovely list and I talke you up on your french converstion offer (but not today.. ) Wait for the mail!