Thursday, October 25, 2007


I love Halloween. Not really the dressing up part, I don't really like that and I just don't see where my daughters got that passion for costumes. They have a room filled with stuff (jewels, scarves, wigs, hats, old clothes definitely "out") and they still use the costumes.

What I really like is giving candies to children. I'm done wandering through my neighborhood with the girls, to look for gold (candy?) mines. Now, I'm one of the sugar shacks! I like to talk to the kids, fool around with them. Some people are discouraged to see teens (well, almost adults in some cases!) still going trick or treat. I'm not, they make me laugh and I find them pretty courageous, knowing that one house out of two doesn't open their doors to them.

Every year, I wear an accessory though, to keep me in the spirit I guess. I don't know what it'll be this year but I'm so happy that I'm not away for work (like last year...), yay!

I don't live in a "kiddy" street so I have less visitors than if I'd lived a few streets west. That's why when monsters, princesses and vampires come to my door, they get the jackpot!

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