Friday, October 26, 2007

13 Items I'd Bring Along in Case of an Evacuation

The California situation makes me really sad. I was in San Diego at the beginning of the year and felt so good there (and the people were so nice), I feel for them. It made me think about how I'd react. Best of luck to all of you. I send you positive energy...

1. My laptop (I have so many photos in there, plus many years of work...)
2. My photo albums (from the pre-digital era, along with the newest ones)
3. A few of my jewels (sentimental value)
4. My daughters drawings boxes (it'd take much of the trunk space...)
5. My souvenirs box (okay, now we're squeezed in the car)
6. My digital camera and my batteries (that are always charged, ready to be used)
7. A few books (beautiful ones, some who make me feel good and 2-3 I haven't read yet)
8. A drawing, crafting, painting, collage-making kit (that would be my therapy in such a crisis) and my portfolio
9. A notebook (I have many waiting for a purpose) and a few pens to tell (exorcise?) what's happening to me
10. A few DVDs (those I like to watch again and again, that make me feel good)
11. My quilts (useful and full of great moments, I love sewing)
12. My recipes (some are very precious...)
13. My transverse flute (my first big purchase, at the age of 14)

(As you can see, nothing «essential» on my list. It would be easier to find, to buy them compared to my souvenirs...)

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