Friday, October 5, 2007

13 Things I Find Disgusting

1. Slimy, crawly, flying, stinky creatures
2. The smell of sewers in a big city
3. Children who don't blow their nose when it's obvious they really need to
4. Adults who do the same
5. Water on counters in public restrooms (and toilet paper on the floor)
6. The smell of perspiration
7. The texture of raisins (too swooshy)
8. A fish plate with the head still there (fish in general, I must admit)
9. The smell of children's hair after a warm day, especially if they played in a sandbox
10. Dirty nails
11. People eating with their mouth open (except if it's for a joke, then I find it quite funny)
12. People who spit on the ground (come on... grow up!)
13. Children who scratch their boo-boos

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