Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Beautiful Photos

I've finally decided to print my photos. I started with my family photos the first shot, and now I've gone for the big thing and had my "beautiful photos" printed. They're the kind of photos that make me say I'm enjoying photography even though it sounds a little too "pro" for what I'm doing. With digital cameras, everyone can make nice photos. Still, I'm very proud when I look at my little babies. I'm now looking for an album to put my treasures, something special, of course!

They're really beautiful, aren't they? (Double click on it to see them bigger...)


Cathy said...

Wow! they're gorgeous, Dominique! When we shoot in digital, we tend not to print up the pictures and it's such a shame. (I'm very guilty of this). Hopefully, by having them in your hand to touch and gaze at will give you a feeling of accomplishment and pride.


Dominique said...