Thursday, July 19, 2007

Going Out Solo

I spent the afternoon and the evening at the movies. I saw Evening, Paris je t'aime and Once. Movies just like the ones I like with stories about girls, love, music. I spent a great time with myself :-)

Since I was downtown, I decided to make a quick stop at Urban Outfitters. Not for the clothes (not my style), but for the books. I always discover interesting stuff. I've finally found a Keri Smith book and I started reading it while eating my ceasar's salad at Guido and Angelina. And in the car, both ways, I had Rufus singing loudly, very loudly! It was the kind of day I love...

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Ani said...

ooo! how was the book? i've thought about getting one but i also feel like i've already gleaned (too) many ideas from her blog but then again i think i should support her in a financial way since i want her to be able to keep doing what she is doing.