Sunday, December 12, 2010, my Friend

I have a superb orange popsicle dining room. Clear, refreshing, imagine the energy boost when you are in that room. But, nothing on the walls. Yet. I found an old kitsch mirror I painted white. Looks nice. Still, something was missing, something artsy. I went through an extreme search on the wonderful etsy site, where artists sell their art online.

Here is what I bought:Sur la route vers Natashquan / Carol-Anne Pedneault (bought in Montreal, but available online)

Sanctuary / Cathy Nichols

Polaroid - Bunting / Amy Blackwell

Suitcases / Amy Blackwell

Green Nesting Bird / Bernadette Sipkes

Little Flats / Shelli Dorfe

Spot the Spurtle / Jill Bogart

Airplane Nursery / Sarah Knight
Spring Owl Tree / Aline

Town Archival Print / Lisa Congdon

I just need to find interesting frames (vintage of course), it's gonna be grand!

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