Friday, July 9, 2010

13 Things To Do During My Summer Vacation

1. Organize my studio
2. Continue ze big clean up (tidy, clean, recycle, give, throw away)
3. Give a second life to some of my furniture
4. Have no idea of what time it is, even what day it is (and take my time)
5. Paint (alone or wth others)
6. Take advantage of the pool (already done with that incredible heat wave)
7. Read in my new hammock
8. Continue to learn how to crochet
9. Sew, for fun
10. Mini road trips here and there
11. Style my hair (which is very long now) in many different ways (braids, buns, pigtails, ponytails)
12. Watch my TV series (DVD), late at night when everyone is asleep
13. Last but not least: relax, do nothing. Just. Because.

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