Friday, June 25, 2010

My Daughters...

I am a Mom. A lucky one.

I have two wonderful daughters and I am very proud of them. Not only because they do well at school (they work really hard), but because they are so involved in their community. This year Miranda received a special award for her outstanding involvement at school (Alizée received the same award a couple of years ago). Isn't she lovely? (She's the one with the pink cardigan).

Last week, hubby and I went to set Alizée in her new appartment (University in the fall!). We homestaged it ;-) She wrote us a lovely note and bought some flowers to express her gratitude.
I think I did a good job raising them. Though it was not very difficult. Did I mention I am a lucky Mom?

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Ani said...

Congrats to your lovely daughter!

I always have fears about parenting, it's nice to see that yes, the children can turn out all right. :D