Friday, June 11, 2010

13 Things I Will Always Remember from Squam Art Workshops

1. Being me, only me made me happy. Nothing to worry about except maybe where I put the darn flashlight (essential at night).
2. Laughter. So much of it. Everywhere. All the time. And a few tears too, the great ones when you let the emotions out and it feels fine.
3. The Mapleshade girls: Polly (hello roomate!), Tracy, Mona, Cheryl, Connie and Lesley.
4. The teachers: Marisa, Christine and Lizzy. I felt I was in a safe environment, where process was the thing, where trying, playing, changing your mind, doing stuff differently was welcomed.
5. The evenings. I was not expecting anything special, but hey. Just those evenings were worth the trip to New Hampshire. Jenny's speech (Elizabeth's was fun too ;-), the music with Jonatha, the laughter with Stephanie, the storytelling with Jen, Jess and Casey. Not to mention the way back to our cabin which was really something, in the dark, expecting bears (or worse, skunks!) but ending up seeing fireflies only.
6. The whispering, late at night with my roomate (sorry girls about the noise, we REALLY had a lot to talk about ;-)
7. The place. So. Nice. I loved the old cabin. The scenery.
8. The odors. Mostly because we were in the woods. But also the popcorn at night, the glue and the paint during the workshops, the wood burning...
9. The respect. Everything was made so everyone would be satisfied with their experience. And everyone was very respectful of that. I never felt judged, looked at in a not so fun way. Yes.
10. Being surrounded by women. Great women. Fun, creative, nice, generous, beautiful women.
11. The general organization. I won't be able to name all the people who were involved, but special thanks to Elizabeth and Peg who made everything in their power to make my trip to Squam memorable.
12. The Squam Art Fair on Saturday night. I was so happy to be there.
13. The food! Everything was delicious.


Ani said...

Yay! So glad you made it out there. I wish I could manage it...!

Dominique said...

@Ani: You would have loved it. and I would have loved to see you there ;-)