Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Career: Home Staging!

In a few hours, I'll officially be a home staging specialist! A new motivating career, interesting challenges, I am so happy I decided to do it. The training session I am taking is very complete: how to start your business, home staging techniques, useful relationships to develop, and hands-on situations.

This week's Thursday Love is dedicated to Josée from tréa design, our teacher from the Académie supérieure de Home Staging Le Blanc-Limoges who is the queen of patience (questions, questions, questions and many more questions from all of us), sincerely kind, respectful and unbelievably professional.

Tomorrow is D-day: with my partner Geneviève, we will stage a room in a house that has been on the market for a couple of months and hasn't sold yet. Our budget is almost non-existant, what a challenge. I can't wait...

Next I'll have to expand my network, find real estate agents with whom I can collaborate and start my business!

Thanks to Guylaine, who mentioned today this link on colors on her blog. Very useful for me right now...

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