Friday, December 4, 2009

13 Monkeys I Made

1. Ani the strong-minded: If Ani has something in mind... Never tell her 'we'll see' thinking she'll forget.
2. Sam the night owl: Sam sleeps only a little, mostly during the day. He surfs the Internet when everyone is asleep and enjoys watching TV late at night. He loves to munch on chocolate Pop Tarts and pizza pockets. He knows it's bad for him but that's the way it is.
3. Liv, social media addicted: 4478 Facebook friends, 16946 Twitter followers, Liv sleeps with her iPhone and can update her status up to 30 times a day (night also).We can all reach her easily, anytime.
4. Tim the hyperactive: Yes, Tim is restless and it could get on some people's nerves but he is quite irresistible (and funny). BEWARE: Never give him chocolate after suppertime or... Well, you'll see!
5. Pia the wise girl: Pia always finds great ways (for her and her friends) to extricate herself from awkward situations. A must-have friend...
6. Bea the gossip girl: Tendancy to talk. A lot. All the time. Bea is also aware of everything going on in town.
7. Lea the beauty queen: Lea looks at her reflection in the mirror A LOT. She passionately loves makeup and dreams of being seen on the cover of People magazine one day.
8. Leo the ladies' man: A real charmer, Leo is loved by all the ladies. ALL ladies.
9. Kim the dynamo: Kim is never quiet, she has a lot of energy and excels in activities such as sweat pants and rainboots ballet, going down the stairs sitting on a pillow and of course, climbing countertops.
10. Ali the creative: Her head always filled with great ideas, Ali sees things differently and it's a good thing.
11. Lou the patient girl: Take your time, Lou is never in a hurry. She is calm and understands you. When she's older, Lou wants to be a kindergarten teacher.
12. Tom the lively boy: Tom is good at sports, especially going down the slide with rollerskates and acrobatic cycling in the living room.
13. Ken is so nice: Very gentle and sensitive, Ken is always happy. He has a lot of girl friends and enjoys shopping clothes.

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RosaMaría said...

what a great monkeys!!!

Dominique said...

@RosaMaria: Thanks! Some of them already found a new home ;-)