Thursday, July 9, 2009

Corner View: Places of Reflection

This week's Corner View: "Places of worship.. or places of reflection. A place you can go and just be." There are three spots at home where I like to be: my sofa (right there, in the corner),
my lounging chair on the patio
and my bed.
I get most of my (brilliant!) ideas in my bed either before falling asleep or in the morning, when I wake up. I like to take my time before getting out of bed. And I think about stuff. All kinds of stuff.

I enjoy sitting on the sofa, because it's kind of where people gather, not only to watch TV or movies but also to eat (Yeah, we eat in the living room. Often) and talk. We also bring the laptops over. You may think we are far from meditation and reflection in those cases, well we're not. I guess we're multitaskers ;-)

Finally, the patio. When the weather is nice, I like to go there to relax, read, enjoy the quietness (when the neighbours are quiet themselves), listen to the birds singing and think.
I don't really meditate, but I think a lot... A LOT!


jane said...

i always keep a notebook on my bedside table to write down new ideas. a bottle of wine there also helps... just kidding. happy weekend!

Dominique said...

Bottle of wine next to the bed, that's an interesting idea for the vacation ;-)