Friday, February 20, 2009

13 Reasons Why I Can't Wait for Hubby to Come Back Home

1. He's been away for two weeks (the longest time we've ever been away from each other in almost eight years)
2. We need a cook in here!!!
3. We need a man in here!!!
4. "The bed's too big without you"... And I'm freezing.
5. Can't wait to hear more about your trip in Africa.
6. I need help with my taxes.
7. I need support for that big move I have to make this weekend.
8. Evenings are boring.
9. Mornings are too quiet.
10. I really prefer when he drives the car.
11. Running errands on my own? Pff, not that fun. At all.
12. I have so many things to tell him!
13. #*$Bf9˜─▒±•DH&#*r (that's our code, only he can read it ;-)

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