Friday, February 27, 2009

13 Blogs to Visit

1. an angel at my table (okay, I know it's written in Swedish or something but the photos are so beautiful)
2. colourful drops of everything (my best friend Tanja's blog)
3. decor8 (designer, author, living between Boston and Germany)
4. Hulaseventy (Andrea, a wonderful source of simple inspiration)
5. kennedy & friends (a Brazilian crafter sharing her time between her family, sewing and science studies)
6. L'off mère indigne (a not so typical mother from Québec, in French)
7. Ma vie est tout à fait fascinante (a funny Parisian illustrator, in French)
8. Mitaine écarlate (unbelievable recipes, really, in French)
9. Motherhood is Not for Whimps (a Washington DC mother, very funny)
10. november moon (an incredible artist )
11. Petit précis de Grumeautique (a French illustrator sharing her adventures with her little one)
12. scrumdillydilly (a funny & wild L.A. artist!)
13.Portabellopixie (a designer who makes won-der-ful girly fabrics)

(Part 2 next week, I like so many more!)

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