Friday, November 21, 2008

13 Books I Love Looking at Again and Again...

1. How to Be an Explorer of the World (Keri Smith)
2. Messy Thrilling Life: The Art of Figuring Out How to Live (Sabrina Ward Harrison)
3. Wreck This Journal (Keri Smith)
4. The 1000 Journals Project (Kevin Kelly and Someguy)
5. Spilling Open: The Art of Becoming Yourself (Sabrina Ward Harrison)
6. The Five Senses (Hervé Tullet)
7. I Love... (Minne / Natali Fortier)
8. Brave on the Rocks: If You Don't Go, You Dont See (Sabrina Ward Harrison)
9. All the Postsecrets books(Frank Warren)
10. Peace: 100 Ideas (Joshua C. Chen & David Krieger)
11. Seasonal Home (Kristin Perers)
12. Country Living Shoestring Chic: Extraordinary Style for Less (The Editors Of Country Living)
13. Garden House: Bringing the Outdoors In (Bonnie Dahan)


Cathy said...

It's easy to see that artist self growth is your area of interest and no doubt that Sarbina Ward Harrison is your favorite author! I will have to get some of those.


Dominique said...

In fact, I had more than 13 books, so, more to come eventually!