Friday, June 13, 2008

13 Sweet Weekend Things

1. Sleep late in the morning
2. Go to bed veeeeeery late at night
3. Eat at odd hours
4. Have time to do the things I enjoy doing
5. Do nothing and not feeling guilty about it
6. Not thinking about work
7. Take out my sewing stuff (Craftmania is just around the corner!)
8. Read (in my bed, on the patio)
9. Tidy a little in my house
10. Spend time with hubby
11. Slow down
12. Go the movies (maybe...)
13. Go to the restaurant (surely...)


Ani said...

i remember weekends like that, before i had a four year old around! enjoy!

Dominique said...

And those weekends will be back, be patient my friend!:-)

Anonymous said...

i love your list! especially # 5!

Dominique said...

Getting pretty good with #5 actually :-)