Saturday, June 28, 2008

13 Short-term Projects

1. Blog a little more often
2. Transfer stuff from my old laptop to my new computer (yay!)
3. Sew a birthday gift for a friend who lives far away
4. Continue to work on my website (, online August 1st!
5. Finish Mateo's quilt
6. Work on my postcards for the swap
7. Ride my bike
8. Buy The Lost Fingers CD
9. Read in my bed, in the morning (laziness, you are a good friend...)
10. Cook an onion tart (miam) and it it with pleasure
11. Be nice and loving to Claude (wishing he'll make me chocolate cupcakes, whoopie pies...)
12. Take care of my garden
13. Enjoy every moment of my long summer vacation...

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