Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday: Eyes

I was wondering where I could find some green was around me and then BAM: My eyes! I see them everyday when I put on some make-up (oh very little make-up, but still) but I don't look at them anymore. Like an old couple who forgets to say how much they care about one another.

No way... Let's change that right away: «Good morning my beautiful green eyes how are you this morning? Did you sleep well? You did and it shows: no trace of puffiness, a glowing brilliance, even maybe a little je-ne-sais-quoi».

There are ads on TV saying you must take good care of your eyes by visiting an optometrist for a regular exam, etc. etc. etc. But taking care also means appreciating them, telling them we love them, that life would be so sad without them. Eyes have feelings too, you know. So love them, protect them and thank them. Today :-)

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Ani said...

hello, bright eyes!