Friday, March 28, 2008

13 Songs in My Head

Inspired by Geneviève...

A song I've listened to again and again and I'm never tired of listening:
Hallelujah –Rufus Wainwright

A song that makes me go back to when I was 18:
How Soon Is Now –The Smiths

A song that I associate with my first love:
Sunglasses at Night –Corey Hart

A song that instantly makes me feel happy:
How Far We’ve Come –Matchbox 20

A song that makes me cry:
Breathe Me –Sia

A song that makes me laugh:
Flagpole Sitta –Harvey Danger

A song that lets off steam:
Breaking the Habit –Linkin Park

A song that makes me want to dance:
Please Don’t Stop the Music -Rhianna

A song to listen to with your lover:
I Want You –Holly Cole

A song I'm a little ashamed (but not too much) of listening to :
Way Back Into Love –Hugh Grant [feat. Haley Bennett]

A song to listen to while doing housekeeping:
Big Time Sensuality -Björk

A song representing my mood today
Jump -Madonna

A song I listen to quite a lot these days:(and that it always on my mind !):
Out of Our Head -Sheryl Crow


Anonymous said...

oh! i'm going to go to pandora's box and have a listen!

Anonymous said...

i love so many of these and i had no idea! thank you!

Dominique said...

It was difficult to make such a list, I love so many songs. The fun part was to listen to old songs, trying to find the «good one»...