Friday, February 1, 2008

13 Name Possibilities

Since I started sewing like crazy, I have been wondering if I shouldn't start signing my creations. I am looking for the «right» name. I wanted a French word (I can't deny my origins, right?) that is also used in English (even if the meaning is sometimes different, like #5).
Which one do you prefer?
1. rendez-vous
2. bizarre
3. en route!
4. caramel & melon
5. à la mode (I like this one)
6. ballet
7. orange
8. chérie
9. fiancée
10. mademoiselle (not too bad)
11. menu
12. champagne
13. encore... (my favorite right now)


Mijk said...

I love encore...

If I had to do one for bags Iwould go for on y va tous. Name of my first french schoolbook ;-)

Ani said...

i rather like 8. or even 7--it sounds so fresh!