Thursday, January 24, 2008

Knit, Purl...

I usually write my blog in French here and then translate it. Today, it's mission impossible. I've tried, but I can't. There are too many aspects that can't be translated (a link to a newspaper article, cultural and linguistic terms that don't have equivalents in English). So I'm keeping the same photo, but writing something different. (The one in French is way funnier though, you're missing something!)Inspired by Ani, I've decided to go back to knitting. I even bought a book to improve on my skills. I haven't knitted in decades. I was okay at the time but I remember that my two sisters were experts. I wonder if they still knit. I guess not. One is into scrapbooking and taking care of a family of five kids while the other one has MS, so, no knitting for her.

I even taught my youngest daughter last weekend. She's doing fine. We bought nice yarns and we're knitting scarves. Easy stuff to begin with. We'll see after that. I can hardly just watch TV, I always need to do something at the same time and knitting is perfect for that!


Ani said...

ha ha! too bad we aren't in the same neighborhood. we could have tea/coffee and happily knit.

i tried my very, very rusty french on your other blog and decided that my french had bid me adieu!

Cathy said...

Hi Dominique~

The colors of your yarn are beautiful, rich and lovely. Good luck with your scarves. It seems to be such a relaxing hobby, but I never understood it at all.

I have tagged you on my blog, so come on by and do your own meme.


Dominique said...

To Ani:
I wish I were living closer to you. Having a knitting partner would certainly be fun.

To Cathy:
My scarf is coming along, yay! Thanks for the tag...