Friday, December 7, 2007

13 Holidays Traditions

We still call it «Christmas», but since there's no religion involved for us,
we'll talk about holidays...

1. Decorate a Christmas tree (a couple of years ago, we started doing a mini instead of a big one).
2. Do a winter scene puzzle.
3. Eat homemade meat pie and donuts (by Claude and Miranda).
4. Watch «24» episode after episode.
5. Play boardgames (to please the girls).
6. Go to the «boxing day».
7. Watch, «Lord of the Rings» (trilogy), again.
8. Wear pajamas all day long, at least once or twice.
9. Go to Claude's family party in Drummondville.
10. Read, do arts and crafts.
11. Sleep, lots and lots of sleep...
12. Eat differently (everyone decides what they'll eat and when they'll eat, usually leftovers).
13. Go to the movies (this year: National Treasure 2, L'Âge des ténèbres, Breakfast with Scott...)

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