Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fooling Around

Spending time with children, it's the gift of fooling around. Nice, sweet fooling around, nothing wild or dangerous. With my godchildren (who are twins), I'm rediscovering simple pleasures, my daughters being teenagers, I no longer fool around much (well, sometimes we still do...). So, last Friday, I picked them up at school and we did crafts, took a snack (not a healthy one, I'm the godmother, remember!) and we played outside (basketball and jump rope).

They blew in their straw to make their juice pop, picked ice cubes from their Christmas glass (much more fun in October than in December!) with their fingers, put them in their mouth, let them melt a little (of course they had water on their chin and the table was a mess...) just for the fun of it. They would never be allowed to do that at the restaurant, during family meals, but with their godmother, come on, let's get crazy!

Me? Well, I watch them, I laugh a little, I take loads of pictures (85 in 90 minutes!) and I remember the good times, when my daughters were younger, when I was a child. So, fantastic quality time with great kids... They do know how to behave too!

Thanks Anaïs, thanks Elliot.

Your godmother xx

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