Friday, August 17, 2007

13 Things I Want To Do, To See in New York

1. See and listen to Rufus Wainwright's show in Central Park, Sunday evening
2. Stop by Tiffany's (just because...)
3. Eat a sundae at Serendipity's (Tanja's suggestion)
4. Visit MoMA (Tanja, again)
5. Eat a cupcake at Cupcakes Cafe (Andrea's been there last fall)
6. Go on Canal Street (according to my teenager and my husband I gotta got at least once in my life)
7. Wander through Chinatown (after Montréal and San Francisco, we must see NY's)
8. Buy stuff in a REAL flea market
9. Walk on Broadway, by night
10. Walk in Central Park, by day
11. Eat a hot-dog on the street (my husband fantasizes about that)
12. Take an incredible number of photos (easy!)
13. Not forget to photograph our feet on a sewer where "New York" is written on it (a proof we've been there...)

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