Thursday, June 21, 2007


That's it! My postcards are gone... The majority are going to the United States, one goes to the Netherlands and another in the UK. Oh, and a last one is on its way to Tanja's :-) When I put them in the mailbox, I felt a little something. My babies left home to explore another house where someone is waiting for them. I'm so excited, can't wait to receive mine!

I've spent long hours
imagining them, finding solutions to my tiny problems, playing with the colors (I adored this part), making touch-ups, writing a personalized note to perfect strangers who, I hope, will be happy to receive a little piece of me. I'm still afraid that they won't survive the long road. Those babies are quite fragile!

Think about it, it's unbelievable: a girl from Portland, Oregon invites people she doesn't know to take part in a postcard swap (home made) and almost 80 people respond. Thanks Andrea (also known as Hula) for this great initiative...


Cathy said...

Dominique--I am one of your swap buddies. This was the greatest idea ever. I've had a blast making my cards and meeting you through your blog. Now I'm so excited to receive cards in the mail.


Ani said...

Hi, I too am a fellow swapper. I felt the exact same way sending my 'card children' out into the wilds of the mail service! Looking forward to seeing your card and I will give it the love it properly deserves. :)