Friday, June 29, 2007

13 Silly But Fun Things To Do

1. Hold a glass around my mouth by suction
2. Make noise with a straw when there's nothing left in my glass
3. Send "air" kisses
4. Make a wine glass sing
5. Make music with a glass bottle
6. Eat a long spaghetti without cutting it
7. Play with a cake and eat it weirdly (icing at the end, of course)
8. Make noise on babies bellies
9. Write with my fingers on a frosted window or a steamed mirror
10. Check if there has been any activity on my blog or flickr 25 times a day
11. Spend an incredible number of hours doings arts and crafts, just for the fun of it
12. Try shoes I would never buy, walk awkwardly with them and laugh
13. Point towards the sky for nothing and see people look up

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