Friday, May 4, 2007


Wow, flying in a plane, that's really something. Seeing a metal monster (small or big, it's still some kind of mosquito!) leaving the ground with such easiness, it's incredible. What I like the most are taking offs and landings. In between those two, finally, it's like being in a bus, with a waitress, a snack and beverage as a bonus.

When we take off, there's the solemn aspect that's impressive; we must be sitting, all our knick knacks have to be stowed away and we feel that certain people stop breathing for a little while. My little pleasure, it's when the plane starts speeding, it feels so good...

It's really great when we don't fly too high. We can see everything even if it's tiny and I love trying to figure out what is underneath. When it's cloudy, it's less interesting, I have the impression I'm in a mad scientist beaker. But when we go over the clouds, well it's lovely. We can see the clouds from above, that's magnificient!

During landings security measures are also increased and then almost everyone holds his/her breath. When we touch the ground, some get their colors back. For many reasons I really like landings. First, I'l be able to stretch a little, my hearing is back and finally, well, I'm where I wanted to be, destination!

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