Thursday, May 10, 2007


I had the chance to go to Gaspésie last week, for my work. It was my third time there and I'm looking forward to going back. There's something special about that region. The landscape is breathtaking, people are nice without being invading and there are lots of discoveries to make all over the place. On top of everything, it's close to the ocean and I love the feeling, the smell, the sound, and the unbeatable view.

One day, I'll go back and I'll take all the time I need to savor this part of my country that attracts me like a magnet... I would walk on the shore, looking for heart-shaped pebbles and polished glass. I would eat fresh shrimps everyday, hummm! I'd take pictures all the time, I'd take the time to draw, paint, do arts and crafts according to my moods, to the inspiration of the place... To be continued!

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