Saturday, May 19, 2007

Armor for Her

My daughter Alizée has always been an artist. She was born with a gift, a talent and I envy her, sometimes. It's so easy for her to use her hands to create. They do exactly what she wants them to do. Mine are awkward and lack poise.

At her high school, arts are very important. Her teachers have inspired her, helped her progress. She worked on her gift, her talent.

A few years ago, Alizée and other students from her school had to create an armor for a woman. They also had to create it with the personality of a specific woman in mind. The photo doesn't show as clearly the details, but if you click on it, you could see it better. It's definitely art. Congratulation and and thank you to the Collège St-Maurice art teachers, they contribute to the artistic development of fantastic girls.

And art is paramount.

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